Saturday, February 5, 2011

CVS Deals - CHEAP Cereal

I was out this morning to get some work done on my car and on the way home, I stopped at CVS to pick up cereal. I had been waiting to get the cereal deal, hoping that one of the locations would have Special K Chocolate. Unfortunately, I don't think that they carry that flavor.

I forgot my keycards, so I didn't have my green bag tag. I was hopeful that they would offer to scan a comp card, but they didn't - maybe they should just roll it into my CVS card?!?

4 - Special K Cereal (2 Strawberry/2 Almond)

-$3.33 BOGO Special K IP (Special K challenge offer)
-$3.33 BOGO Special K IP (Special K challenge offer)

Total $6.68, paid with $6 ECBs and $.68 OOP. I earned $4 ECBs. Either way you look at it, that was some cheap cereal (either $.17/each if you consider OOP, or $.67/each if you consider the OOP and decreased ECBs).