Friday, February 18, 2011

Walmart Deals

I made a quick stop to Walmart on Monday evening to pick up a few things that I had expiring coupons for that I knew that they would have the best deal on and would do a little price matching to avoid an additional stop. A quick stop is sort of an oxymoron when you consider that it is a Supercenter and even if all you need is milk, it takes a while to get in and out...but relative to most shopping trips, it was a quick trip.

6 - boxes Post Cereal (price matched to $2/ea)
2 - boxes Fruit Snacks (Gushers and Fruit Roll Ups)
1 - Slim Fast snack bars
2 - Huggies Pull-Ups Wipes
1 - Shout Stain Catcher
1 - Hormel Kids Compleats
1 - CFL Lightbulb

-$1 $1/2 Post mfg coupon
-$1 $1/2 Post mfg coupon
-$1 $1/2 Post mfg coupon
-$1.50 Slim Fast IP
-$1 Huggies Pull-Ups Wipes IP
-$1 Huggies Pull-Ups Wipes IP
-$1 Shout Stain Catcher mfg coupon
-$1 Hormel Kids Compleats mfg coupon
-$1 GE Lightbulb mfg coupon
-$.50 Fruit Snacks mfg coupon

Total $20.52, which I put on my gift card - so it was sort of free to me! Either way, I still feel like $20 isn't too bad for 6 boxes of cereal, the Shout Stain Catcher, the lightbulb, the snacks and more.

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