Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Finally, a week where there was a noticeable difference on the scale. It felt like a fairly flat week for most of the week, which is so frustrating, but at the end, I pulled it out.

That is one thing that I really struggle with. When I am eating right and exercising and I am staying flat or gaining/losing .2#, I start to eat out of frustration. I start to get it in my head that it doesn't matter if I'm eating right and exercising or not, I get the same outcome. This causes me to become a little lax in tracking portion size and nibble on things without counting them - it was only one bite right? It makes it easier to hit snooze - getting up early to exercise isn't helping me right? Unfortunately, when I do this, I wind up staying flat or slightly up or down. It is in some ways a self-fulfilling prophecy that helps me in my head justify it the next time - see I only did part of a workout or I ate this or that and I didn't gain (or didn't gain much) so there is nothing wrong with it. Except it keeps me from my goal.

I resisted the urge this weekend to eat out of frustration and I lost weight. Okay, it was only a pound, but a pound is a pound. I even did that with some shortened workouts. That is one thing that I am definitely good at doing - part of a workout, which is a good thing. It used to be that if I couldn't do the full workout, I would just skip it. Now, I do as much as I can or find an alternate DVD that will fit in my available time. This activity is definitely a key to my success. I just need to keep up the motivation.

One of my key struggles this week was homemade bread. I found a recipe and made it. It was awesome - especially warm and fresh. I made it in my bread maker, which makes such a tall loaf that each slice was about 2 oz and worth 4 PointsPlus Values! Next time, I think I will use a traditional bread pan so that I can get 2 slices for 4 PointsPlus Values. Mentally, eating two smaller pieces is more filling than one tall piece - plus it will fit in my toaster better!

I missed my Weight Watchers meeting last night, there was crazy snow here yesterday and oh by the way, it was President's Day, which equals few plows to start with. In fact, my normally 30 minute commute (11 miles) took me 90 minutes to complete and I passed 1! plow the entire drive home. So, it was hard to convince myself that a drive across town was worth it.

This post shared at Mamavation Monday. This week's Mamavation Monday is sponsored by SEARS FitStudio, who asks: What motivates you to get going and what keeps you going? Success. Every time I put on my clothes that are a size smaller (even though it hasn't changed in a long time), it gives me confidence and keeps me motivated to keep eating right and exercising. It inspires me that I could lose what I want and be in good condition.

No compensation was received for this post. I am a Weight Watchers Insider for the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program and have received complimentary online access to Weight Watchers, an IPad with the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion App downloaded, a Flip Camera and other tools to help me on my weight loss journey, using Weight Watchers. 'People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1 - 2 pounds per week.' This Mamavation Monday post is sponsored by SEARS FitStudio and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation and sponsored by Sears.


GAFlyGirl said...

yay! Congrats on the weight loss! I hear ya on getting lax with the tracking, and sticking to healthy eating. I am bad about this more often than not. Congratulations on the weight loss!!

Anonymous said...

Bread is my weakness. And 2 smaller slices is totally more mentally satisfying that just 1 bigger piece.
1 pound is still l pound gone, banished from your body. Congratulation, you're doing it!
Have an awesome week!

Rachel Holloway said...

Can I get that bread recipe? I've been looking for a good low point one!?

Katie said...

A pound is a pound! Plus, I'm so thrilled that you didn't give into the grazing and just eating. Nice job!