Monday, July 25, 2011

Mamavation Monday

I didn't get anywhere last week, despite my best efforts. I think the culprit was a busy weekend with less than stellar food choices. Couple that with the fact that I am trying to avoid letting a cold get the better of me by drinking tea (with honey), fruit juice, gatorade and more.

I am glad to say that I walked everyday last week. Saturday, rain in the morning and rain again in the evening had me resort to an indoor walk - used Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVD. I walked at least 3 miles everyday. With the humidity, my normal walking partner did not join me other than Monday, so that was the only day that I did the 3 mile walk/1 mile run interval that I have started, with a plan of doing that three times a week. I was successful on the weekdays, in coming home from my walk and doing some strength training - chest/back, abs, arms/shoulders, abs, legs. When I did the walk dvd, there was strength training built into the second mile.

The weekend aside, last week was a pretty good eating week. The biggest thing was not having the candy at work. The supply dwindled early in the week and by the end of the week, I wasn't in the habit of walking by it, so that is a good thing.

This week started out good on the exercise front. I just hope that I am successful in fighting this cold. I figure that staying active is a good thing. I am trying to get to bed earlier in the evening to allow my body ample time to rest, but still time to exercise. Since tomorrow is the ab day, I should be able to start about 15 minutes later than I do normally, and still wrap up at a good time (earlier than normal actually) - allowing a little morning shut eye. I keep taking my vitamin C, zinc and gatorade - we will see if I conquer or not.

This post shared at Mamavation Monday. This week's carnival is sponsored by Organ Wise Guys and Fiber Choice. The question is: What nutrition lessons have you learned from your kids? I have learned that enjoying your food one bite at a time allows you to really savor food. Have you ever watched a child eat M&Ms, they take them one piece at a time - I find that if I do that, rather than putting a handful in my mouth, that I enjoy them and consume less. I've also learned that they want to eat what you eat, so if you eat well, so will they. That certainly provides motivation on eating better.

No compensation was received for this post. By participating in the carnival, I am entering to win a prize pack from the sponsors.


Missy | Literal Mom said...

It is so frustrating when you feel like you've done decently and the scale says NOTHING. Good luck this week. Me? Probably need to stop eating ice cream every week to see the scale move.

Marie said...

Your doing a great job! keep up the had work and I am proud of how well you are doing with restraint for sweets at work!!

monicazyoung said...

You are doing great. Being sick is not fun and you were as active as you could. Feel better soon.

Katie said...

You're doing great! Keep it up and you'll see the scale change.