Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wanted: Facebook help

Okay, so I recently have created a page on Facebook for A Busy Mom of Two. It seemed that so many other blogs were doing it (I know, I follow many of them on Facebook!), so I thought maybe I should do it. I tried to set it up a few months ago and when it didn't work, I pulled it down. Recently, I have been noticing that many programs are requesting that things are also shared on Facebook. I have been skipping exploring those opportunities because I am not on Facebook. I decided that it was time to start it up again.

Why don't you come and join my new community onFacebook? You can find my page here.

Right now, there isn't much going on, but it is still a very small community! My intent is to use Facebook to share about deals and such that I come upon that I might not have the time to do a blog post on. I also hope to use it to have more conversation, so that I can learn more about you.

I would also like to share my blog feed to my wall, so that you can quickly see that I have posted something more.

Here is where I need help - for those of you that are sending your feed to Facebook - how?

I set it up and the feed posted to Notes and shows up on my wall, but only right then when I set it up. I was content at first, thinking Hey I did it! Unfortunately, I continue to publish here but my feed never posts to Facebook. Are others doing this manually?

Also, is there an easy way to post a link to the blog instead of the whole post being on the notes page? I ask because I can't seem to link through the post to the blog. This won't work so well if I am trying to share about a giveaway or someone wants to stop by the blog to comment on something else.

Any help or feedback would be helpful! Since this isn't working for me, I'm posting this at Works for Me Wednesday to see if I can get a little reverse Works for me Wednesday tips.


Ticia said...

I think there's a tutorial somewhere on facebook to do that, but I honestly don't know how I managed to do it. Now it's not showing up on my blog's facebook page, but it is showing up on my personal one.