Saturday, July 23, 2011

Toys 'R Us Deals! - 7/23

A few weeks back, I had received a Toys 'R Us circular that had a $10/$50 coupon attached. I had set it aside, hoping that I might get up to the nearest Toys 'R Us before the coupon expired. As I was cleaning up the counter yesterday, I came across it and saw that it was expiring today. After flipping through the circular and their weekly ad, I decided that when we were out today to go to a birthday party, that I would try to stop by.

I went under the assumption that my total after sales needed to be $50, but after the way that everything rang up, I'm thinking that I could have possibly done a before sale total.

This might look like a Crayola ad, it's not, there just were some great deals from Crayola that I could use.
1 - Crayola Masterworks Art Set 200 pc (reg $34.99, on sale for $24.99)
3 - Crayola Dry Erase Crayons (reg $3.99 each, on sale B1G2)
3 - Crayola Dry Erase Markers (reg $3.99 each, on sale B1G2)
3 - Crayola Doodle Pads (reg $4.29 each, on sale B1G2)
1 - Crayola Dry Erase Crayons and Dual Board (reg $9.99, on sale for $6.99)
1 - Crayola 18ct Kids Paint (reg $5.09, not on sale, but to appease my youngest assistant shopper)
1 - TailBall Outdoor Game (reg ??, on clearance for $7.98)

-$10 $10/$50 coupon from circular

Total $47.84, saved $49.94. The art set is a birthday gift for my niece, who loves to do crafts (shh, don't tell her). The Dry Erase markers are a school supply that we need every year, so I figured that with the B1G2 sale, I would just set the others aside for next year. The Dry Erase Dual Board and Dry Erase Crayons seem like a good diversion to bring along on our vacation - we have many hours in which to provide entertainment. Plus, I just think that the Dry Erase Crayons are an interesting concept. The TailBall game is an attempt to offer my kids one other backyard diversion - so that I don't have to hear that there is nothing to do.

The one thing that we had hoped to get, but didn't was Crayola 48ct Crayons. As my son said, how can they offer 8, 16, 24, and 96 but not have 48 count? Oh well, hopefully someone has them on deal so that we can pick them up for my son's school supply list.

I feel pretty good about everything that I got and really, a savings of over 50% (the $47.84 was only $44.92 before tax) is pretty good.

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