Monday, October 10, 2011

Mamavation Monday

I am not quite where I had hoped to be today. I had managed to get down to being within 22 pounds of my goal, but I rather enjoyed my weekend and found myself back up a little bit at 24.2 pounds to go this morning.

I allowed myself a little bit of splurge in eating and I slept in on Friday morning. I was feeling miserable and decided that sleep was the best solution. Otherwise, I was able to fit in a walk or run every day. On Sunday, it was a walk because the kids joined me. I find it rather impressive that my daughter rode her Big Wheel for over a mile. They split when we passed the house and I was left to finish the three mile course on my own.

Today though was a great run! I headed up to the track and I ran an entire mile straight (actually just beyond a mile). Neither neighbor showed up at the track, so I finished out the 5th lap and headed back towards home. I passed a neighbor heading up to the track, but by then I was already on a course towards home. I have definitely concluded that my ability to run increasingly longer stretches in my 3-mile or more run is really a matter of mind over matter. I think I convince myself I need a break and take one. It is not usually that I am breathing too heavy or that my legs are sore, I just feel that I have run "far enough" and allow myself to take a break. I'd like to get a full five laps straight by this time next week - not sure the weather will cooperate.

Eating was good last week, loose on the weekend and back on track today.

I would love to be at least half way to my goal by Christmas.

#s to Go: 24.2

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Anonymous said...

Great job on the running! I still can't run even half a mile, so I just walk my mile for now but I did jog a little ways the other day.

I agree, I think it is mind over matter. Keep up the good work!

Angela @aspeaker

Anonymous said...

Great job on your run!! I'm just starting and can barely run, I'm more of a walker right now ;) Keep up your hard work and have a great week!!!


lorrie said...

good luck with your week, i think its great that you did your workout despite not having your friends to do it with you. you kept going and didn't give up thats commitment

@AndreaEmilien said...

Congrats on the running!! Not everyone can so it is quite an accomplishment! Have a good week!!