Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mamavation Monday

I feel like I am stuck. Sure I am down from where I was last week, but I just don't feel like I am getting anywhere fast. I know that in part, I am making choices that are slowing my progress. I am okay with that (sort of). One of my goals, is to be active enough and eat well enough that on occasion, when I want to splurge, I can and not worry about it. I think I have proven that out...except, I really want to get to my goal and stalling occasionally is very frustrating, even when I know the cause.

I have really come to enjoy my daily run. It is such a mind clearing activity. Last week, I had to move a few workouts indoors because of the weather and it really makes me wonder what I will do when it is winter. I always worked out inside until this summer, but now I am enjoying the outside. It is getting rather cold though. It tends to be only about 50 when I am out running - BRRRR!

I am actually very proud of myself, last week, for the first time since I started running at the end of summer, I ran a full mile straight. My three mile (or so) daily run is interspersed with regular short intervals of walking. So, I have frequently run more than a mile, it is just running it straight through without walking that was an accomplishment for me.

My goal for this week is to remain active. I was off to a bad start on Monday morning, I hit snooze for over an hour and didn't even realize it. I think my body needed sleep. Here's hoping the rest of the week works out better!

I'd also like to eat well. Stress seems to be creeping in and I am a stress eater. I have been trying to stick with foods like carrots - a good crunchy carrot seems to help, but chocolate finds its way into my day a little more frequently than it should. I'm good with the small piece of chocolate each day is okay, but yesterday I had three or four - those fun size bars can add up!

#s to go: 22.8#

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Pipi said...

Remember that it's better to lose slowly. The success rate of keeping it off is higher that way. I have the impatient times as well though. Congratulations on running the full mile! That is great progress.

Anonymous said...

It's so frustrating to lose slowly, I only lost .6 this week! But, I know that sometimes those little bites that I don't think matter, always matters!! I read an article today that someone wrote on a piece of paper all the little bites she took through the week and put them in a bowl, at the end of the week when she maintained her weight, she realized she had consumed nearly 28 points of "bites" through the week!!!


Amanda -@ihavetohaveyou said...

I get the stuck feeling. I've been there. I battle with that feeling quite often. Just remember: slow and steady will get you where you want in a better manner than fast and crazy will!
I think that goal is most definitely a good one! -good luck!