Monday, October 17, 2011

Werther's Caramels

When I was a kid, we always did a fundraiser and sold candy bars. My favorite ones were the chocolate bars with caramels. There was just something so yummy about the soft, gooey caramel centers. As I got older, I found myself doing baking using caramels. There was a cookie bar that one of my aunts introduced me to - it used cake mix, chocolate and melted caramel. I like to make caramel puffcorn. Really, I am a big fan of caramel.

Years ago, I tried Werther's Original Caramels. I liked them, but when I am looking for a sweet treat, I rarely turn to hard candies.

Then, a few weeks ago, through a BzzCampaign, I had the chance to try out some other varieties of Werther's Caramels.

I think my favorite variety is the Creamy Caramel Filled Hard Candies. The outside delivers that same buttery, caramel goodness that was familiar from their hard candies, but after a few moments, you notice that the hard candy shell gives way and you are left with a sweet, chewy caramel center. Yum!

As a fan of chocolate and caramel, I also enjoyed their Caramel Chocolates. The caramel that is nestled inside these chocolates is a soft, sweet, buttery caramel. The whole candy seems to melt in your mouth.

I also got to try their Chewy Caramels. Visually and initial texture-wise, these reminded me of Royals - do you remember those candies? I don't think I have seen them in a while. The candy starts out rather firm and you have to allow it to soften for a few minutes in your mouth before attempting to chew it. Once softened, it delivers a nice, chewy caramel that has that familiar Werther's caramel flavor.

One new thing that I learned through the BzzCampaign is that Werther's offers a number of recipes on their site. As expected, they have a section dedicated to caramel apple treats of many varieties. But, there are so many more like Caramel Silk Pie, Crunchy Caramel Snack Mix, Caramel Hot Chocolate and Chewy Caramel Bars. I think I might have to do some baking and check out these recipes!

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