Monday, March 12, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

It was a wonderful, crazy weekend.

Friday night, we spent relaxing at home. No big plans, but it was a nice start to the weekend.

Saturday morning was spent doing some laundry and house cleaning. My brother and his family were coming over in the afternoon, so I wanted to get all the 'chores' behind us. Saturday afternoon as a girls day out with a group (7 girls, ages 3 1/2 -5 and 6 moms) heading to the Akron Civic Theater to see the Cuyahoga Valley Youth Ballet perform the world premier of The Little Mermaid. The girls all seemed to enjoy the show. We were going to try to do dinner afterwards, but we all seemed to separate in the surge of exiting the theater. So, my sister-in-law, my niece, my daughter and I caught up with the rest of our families for dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. My daughter was so excited to have her cousins spend the night. Unfortunately, when my niece became sick, those plans were changed. The girls were already asleep, so my daughter didn't know that she left until she woke up alone on her floor at 2 am. She was so sad. This was the second weekend in a row that she didn't get to spend the night with her cousins.

Sunday was a nice day. The weather was simply amazing. The day was punctuated with several play times outside. In addition, we did some shopping at Kohl's (30% off!!!), picked up groceries, attended a birthday party, attended Bible Study and I made Twix Brownies and cooked up a whole chicken for two meals this week and set aside enough for three more meals in the freezer.

This week we are making some favorites and picking up a meal that was 'skipped' last week.

Taco Bar (birthday party)


Chicken Gravy over biscuits

Lemon Artichoke Chicken Pasta

Beef Taco Skillet

Fish Fillets


Breakfast is cereal or oatmeal each morning, although sometimes at school my daughter will have pancakes or french toast. For my son, lunch is either the menu item at school or a packed lunch with some type of sandwich. Lunch for my husband and me is typically sandwiches, frozen meals or leftovers.

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