Sunday, September 30, 2012

Better Breakfast Month

Did you know that September is Better Breakfast Month. As the school year gets underway, Better Breakfast Month is meant to serve as a reminder for you to stay focused on healthy breakfast eating habits. I'm sure you have all heard at least once that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

There are many reasons why this statement holds true:
"The typical person spends eight hours asleep each night with no food or water. By the time you wake up, your body is dehydrated and you have little energy to start your day off with. According to, breakfast can also help you lose weight. Without breakfast to get the metabolism going again, hte body stays at the lower level of metabolism, burning fewer calories then if it had breakfast. If you skip your morning meal, you tend to eat more throughout the day and the foods are usually unhealthy and high in calories. An individual who fueled up for their day with breakfast can wait until lunch to eat with energy to spare."

At our house, most days our breakfast is cereal and milk. Some days the kids might add some fruit or yogurt or toast or swap it up with oatmeal. We love breakfast foods, in fact, we have breakfast for dinner on a regular basis.

Usually, the reason is because we perceive a hot breakfast as something that takes too much time. But, with proper planning, it can be achievable - at least on occasion.

One easy to make meal is a breakfast sandwich - not only is it quick, but it is easy to take on the go too! Place an English muffin in the toaster. Using a small microwaveable bowl, spray with some cooking spray and add an egg. Using a fork, puncture the white and the yolk one time. Then cover and microwave for 45 seconds. Start with the bottom of your muffin, add a slice of cheese, add the egg, add a slice of Hormel Natural Ham or a couple pieces of Hormel Microwave Ready Bacon and top with the other half of the muffin. This is so easy, that I often take it for lunch!

Looking for other ideas? Check out these recipes from Hormel:

Hormel Canadian Bacon Breakfast Pizza
Ham Scramble
Huveos Rancheros with Bacon

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