Monday, September 24, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

It is hard to believe it is fall. Time seems to pass by so quickly. Last week was no exception, we were on vacation, which was awesome, but felt like it was almost over before it started. Yesterday was a crazy, busy sports day with a soccer game, baseball game and two softball games. We didn't have much time to fit in grocery shopping, so we did a divide and conquer trip at Walmart to get some essentials, but will be eating from the freezer and pantry for the most part. We had to get out to get juice and some fresh fruit, some yogurt and a few missing ingredients for this week's menu.

Fall sports are starting to wind down, but we are still pretty busy with them this week, so it is a good thing that there are a several easy to prepare (or already prepared and just need to be heated) meals available to us.

Macaroni and Cheese
Cincinnati Style Chili

Homemade Pizza

Coney Dogs

Southwest Three Cheese Chicken

Lime Glazed Shrimp and Pineapple kebobs

Dinner out with Friends

Turkey Roast

Breakfast is cereal or oatmeal each morning. Lunch for the kids is either the school lunch or usually a couple of times a week they pack. Lunch for my husband and me is typically sandwiches, frozen meals or leftovers.

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Dani said...

Thanks for sharing your menu. I wondered what made chili "spaghetti style," so I clicked on the link to read about it. I guess it's the spaghetti. In Milwaukee, where I now live, chili always has macaroni in it. That was a little odd to get used to. I guess it's a good bridge to spaghetti, though! I may have to try that.