Thursday, September 27, 2012

National Corned Beef Hash Day!

I am really starting to think that there is a National day for everything! Today, just so happens to be Corned Beef Hash Day. I happen to be a fan of Corned Beef Hash, especially when it is prepared crispy (prefer my bacon crispy too).

I am not really sure when I first had corned beef hash, but I do recall having corned beef and noodles as a kid. I associate corned beef hash with breakfast and generally, it is a 'treat' that I only have on occasion when we are out to eat. Surprisingly, it is not on the breakfast menu at many breakfast places, or at least not that I have seen.

I have been known to have breakfast for dinner, but I also have it for lunch sometimes. In fact, there is a greasy spoon near where I work and they make a really great corned beef hash and do a good job of getting the corned beef crispy like I like. Typically, I enjoy it with two over medium eggs (you know - white is cooked through, but the yolk is still dippy style) and sour dough toast.

Are you familiar with Corned Beef Hash? Hash is a culinary term for a mixture of foods that have been finely chopped or diced. As the name would suggest, corned beef hash has corned beef and diced potatoes.

I was excited to find that it is available at my local grocery store. In fact, Hormel offers three varieties - Roast Beef Hash, Corned Beef Hash and Reduced Fat Corned Beef Hash. It lets me get my fix at home - and is usually how I fit corned beef into my St Patrick's Day meal plan.

Do you enjoy corned beef hash? How do you eat it?

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