Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CVS Deals - 12/24

Yes, I was one of the crazy people that went out on Christmas Eve to do some shopping. I needed to get to the grocery store and I had sold some things on a mom site that I am a part of and needed to meet up with the woman to make the exchange, so I decided that a trip to CVS could fit in nicely. I was glad that I went, I hadn't realized that their ad was only for Sunday and Monday and that a new sale started on Wednesday. I had to get a rain check for the toothpaste, as they only had one tube of kid's Crest.
2 - Dimetapp
1 - Crest Kid's
3 - candy singles (B2GO - not pictured for anonymity reasons)
1 - Caramel (so that I didn't have to reduce my ECB)

-$3 Dimetapp CRT
-$2 Dimetapp IP
-$2 Dimetapp IP
-$1 Crest mfg coupon

Paid with $3 and $3 ECB and $.04 plus $.62 tax OOP. Earned $3, $1 and $1 (green bag) ECBs. Candy aside, I basically got free medicine and toothpaste, paying $2.04 plus tax for all of the candy.