Monday, December 3, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

It was another whirl wind sort of weekend. My daughter was sick, then she wasn't, then she was again. She came home from school on Friday and took a nap - that was the first clue that something wasn't right. She seemed to be herself on Saturday, but Saturday night she awoke with a high fever. Sunday we took it easy but the fever lingered and Monday, she headed to the doctor. Turned out to be an ear infection. It certainly impacted weekend plans. I did still manage to fit in a reasonably successive shopping trip on Sunday afternoon to grab gifts, storage containers, cookie baking needs and groceries.

It is a busy week for us, but then again, aren't they all?

macaroni and cheese
Chicken Gravy over Biscuits


Hot Dogs

Homemade Pizza

Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas (new recipe)

Spaghetti with Meatballs


Breakfast is cereal or oatmeal each morning. Lunch for the kids is either the school lunch or usually a couple of times a week they pack. Lunch for my husband and me is typically sandwiches, frozen meals or leftovers.

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Unknown said...

MPM definitely keeps me on track. I actually look forward to Mondays!
I hope she's feeling much better. My poor hubby is fighting a cold.
Your menu plan looks delicious.
Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

I need to think about chicken gravy and buscuits! My kids probably would like that!

Jennifer Marie

lilnursejen at yahoo dot com