Sunday, December 30, 2012

Earn Money When You Shop - Smart Phone Apps that pay you back

There are two apps that I have been using lately to earn money back on the stuff that I already buy.

Endorse is the first one. I started using Endorse last year when they were still in their early stages. It was a great way to earn money back, you simply liked a brand or store through their Facebook application and mailed in your receipts. I am happy to say that they have revamped their model and it is much easier and more flexible.

Now, when you purchase the items that are part of this week's offer, you simply use your camera's phone to scan the receipt and submit. You can use one receipt for multiple offers, but you can not use multiple receipts for the same offer.

Most of their offers are a % of your purchase up to a certain total $. As an example, just this week there is an offer for 50% back on the purchase of beer or champagne. You buy what ever amount and what ever variety you prefer and you can redeem that receipt for up to $10 back.

I tend to review the offers before I head to the store. That way, if they have a yogurt offer, as example, I can see if it is on any yogurt or is for a specific brand. I can also see what the limit is. If it makes sense, I like to make my purchase to maximize the earnings. Coupons are deducted, so sometimes to maximize the offer I have to buy a little more.

In addition to giving you cash back on the products that you buy everyday, you can also benefit a local school with every receipt that you upload to fund local school projects in partnership with - even if you don't buy one of the offers, you can still earn points to support a local school.

You can cash out to either your PayPal account or have a check sent. When I have cashed out with PayPal, the funds arrived almost immediately.

You can sign up for Endorse here.

Have you checked out Ibotta yet?

I am newer to Ibotta, but so far I like it. There seem to be more offers, but they are more item specific. Plus, you need to answer survey questions, watch videos, read recipes, etc. to redeem the full value on the offers. Not a big deal, but a little more effort to get the offers.

Ibotta pays you up to $40 every time you shop and now works at Harris Teeter, Quality Food Centers, and Giant Eagle too; among many other retailers including Target, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, CVS, Rite Aid and more. Each offer is a specific amount back on a specific purchase. Most of the offers seem to range from $.50 to $1.75 each.

The application is very straight forward to use. I scanned through it before heading to the store. That way, I can make sure what specific items are on my list and on the app. Sometimes, there might be an offer, that combined with a sale, makes me add something to my list, but usually, I stick to my list. Then, when you come home, use your phones camera to capture your receipt and submit.

When you sign up now, you can earn a bonus of $5 after redeeming your first offer. You can choose to have the funds sent to your PayPal account or have it benefit the school of your choice.

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