Thursday, September 12, 2013

T-fal Stainless Steel Cookware with Thermospot review #CookingPlanit

As you may know, I have been using a new set of T-fal Stainless Steel with Thermospot cookware for the past few weeks, as a participant in the Cooking Planit T-fal Cookware giveaway promotion. (You can enter to win your own 12-pc set - find the giveaway here.)
(my handles are black plastic, not red silicone)

Growing up, my mom had a set of cookware that was stainless steel and it was what I was most familiar with, but back when my husband and I were registering for our wedding, we had selected a hard anodized cookware set. I had chosen the set based on the feedback of a friend, who considered herself a bit of a home-gourmet. I loved to cook and figured that it was the right set for me. I have generally liked the set, but with it being anodized aluminum, I started to notice that the bottoms of the pans were discoloring with use and was frustrated by the skillets not being non-stick. I found the cookware to be heavy and the handles were always getting hot (I had handle covers, but didn't use them like I should).

I have really enjoyed trying out the T-fal Stainless Steel with Thermospot cookware. I like that the pans are oven safe to 350F (the ones with the plastic handles), the skillets are non-stick and feature Thermospot - which indicates when the pan is "preheated to the optimal temperature", and the pans have a built in measuring guide.
I also really like that the handles are plastic covered, so that they are easier (cooler) to handle than my old pans. They are also lighter than my old set of pans, which makes it easier to lift the pans to slide out the food or to drain.

This combination of features (lightweight, non-stick surface and plastic covered handles) allowed my son to make his own scrambled eggs the other day, while I watched closely over him to make sure he didn't hurt himself, burn the food or drop it on the floor when transferring to a plate.

I have also found that the set has the right combination of pans to fit most of my dinner preparation needs. Whether I am making hot dogs and corn on the cob or making my Cincinnati chili with pasta, chili and beans, there seems to be a pan that will fit my needs.

I like the steam vents that are built into the glass lids. It allows me to keep my food covered while cooking and (at least so far) prevents it from boiling over. I also really like that the lids are glass, so I can see inside. My old cookware had solid lids, which meant more lid lifting during cooking (and they got hot too).

The cookware has been easy to clean. I continue to clean it by hand, but the pans are dishwasher safe (I'm assuming that the non-stick is not).

I am happy with my new set of pans and have already cleared out my old pans to make room in my cupboard for the new cookware. I would recommend the cookware based on my experience with them.

No compensation was received for this post. As a participant in the Cooking Planit T-fal Giveaway, I was provided with a set of pans to use and share my experience with my readers. All opinions expressed are entirely my own or that of my family.


Rhonda Martin said...

I have one 10" frying pan by T-Fal and it's a great frying pan so the set would be fabulous I'm sure.