Saturday, December 6, 2008

CVS in the News

This news report is a little disheartening - according to the article, CVS has problems with selling expired product and with poor health inspections.

A few weeks ago, I bought two candy bars at CVS that had expired last February. I guess after reading this article, maybe I should be a little more cognizant of the expiration dates on products at CVS, especially since I am generally buying for stockpile. Now I know that stores of all walks run into issue with proper product rotation. One of my local stores has a fresh or free guarantee - if you find an expired item on shelf, they will give you a fresh one of the same item for free. It helps them ensure that they are properly removing expired products from the shelf. I'm sure it has to be tied to some performance measure for the department if consumers find expired product. After all, they aren't in the business of giving product away.