Friday, December 12, 2008

Samples and Freebies

Another slow week on the requesting side.

I have signed up for a number of fun giveaways.
Gain Scent Card

My mailbox was full this week though:

Bear Naked Natural Granola sample and coupon.
Try Me Free Coupon for Horizon Organic Milk.
Earthbound Farm Organic coupons, including a number of coupons for Horizon Organic products (yogurt, milk, and butter)
Saturn Convenience Wallet Cards from VocalPoint - has a tip calculator, stain removal chart, ingredient substitution chart and family clothing size chart.
Pantene (mystery shampoo) sample
$1.99 Chapstick Rebate
$2.50 Arm & Hammer Essentials Rebate


Unknown said...

Hey! Here's a great reason to use that Arm and Hammer Essentials rebate: Save Essentials!