Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Treats

My son has a summer birthday, so he gets to celebrate his half birthday at school. I asked him what treat he wanted to take to school to celebrate his half birthday. His choice was cupcakes, with chocolate frosting. Since I have made the switch to Silicone Cupcake Baking Cups, I knew that I couldn't send in regular cupcakes, lest I not get back my baking cups. I thought for only a moment before I remembered, Cupcake Cones. They were a favorite of my childhood and usually a pretty big hit with the kids.

To make Cupcake Cones, I use my Pampered Chef Mini-Cupcake Pan and fill it with 24 regular cake cones. Mix up your box cake according to package directions. Fill each cone about 2/3 full. Depending on the base of your cone you might need to knock them lightly (they will break if you do it too hard) to encourage the cake to fill in the 'compartments' at the bottom. Bake for 30 minutes at 350F. Allow the cupcake cones to cool completely before frosting. For extra fun, decorate with sprinkles. This needs to be done before the frosting starts to dry, or they will not stick, so I tend to frost a few and sprinkle and repeat.

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~*Michelle*~ said...

cute idea! Love it! :)


Unknown said...

Yum, I love cupcake cones.

Anonymous said...

I've made these the past few years for my girls - the kids in their classes love them! The hardest thing is transporting them.

Jerralea said...

Great idea! I didn't know you could bake the cones in a Pampered Chef mini cupcake pan! (Which I do have!)