Saturday, February 7, 2009

Romantic Tunes

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, many people turn their thoughts to romance. It's funny to me that we have to have one day a year to focus on this. Just think what a better place this world would be if everyone focused more on their loved ones and celebrating that love everyday.

There is nothing like music to provide a romantic back drop on Valentine's Day or any day. Music can be calming - relaxing with your sweetie; music can be connective - taking a moment to slow dance in the family room, even amidst the endless toys; music can spark memories - the song heard on our first date, our song, our first dance as husband and wife, and so on; music can put you in the mood.

Music is definitely something I notice. I can sing along/hum along with most music, but generally couldn't tell you the artist. I even seem to remember the music for every commercial - to the point that my husband mocks me about being a marketer's dream consumer singing jingles or at least finishing them. I notice the music that are used in broadcasts and that skaters and gymnasts perform to in competition. In reading more about Yanni (as part of an opportunity to share with you about an upcoming album release, some television specials and a tour, that I learned about through One2One Network) I have learned more about his music. I didn't realize how much of his music I have heard, but it is used extensively in television broadcasts, including many sport broadcasts. His music has been featured in all Olympic Broadcasts since 1998. I find his instrumental compositions to be of such a great quality and to be so expressive, but like I said, I can hum along and still not know who it is.

Are you a fan of Yanni's music?

"If you think you know Yanni's music, think again."

Yanni is releasing a new album on March 24th, where for the first time, he has made the focal point of his music the vocals. The tag line on the website is 'Expect the Unexpected.' He has four young, talented vocalists - Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas and Leslie Mills - who he discovered and developed with the help of producer Ric Wake. Their style is compared to that of Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban or Sarah Brightman. This new album is YANNI VOICES. There is a sample of the music on the Yanni Voices website. It has such a unique style. You can also check out a video here.

As a part of the launch, PBS is broadcasting two Yanni Voices specials. The first special is currently airing and you can find the schedule here. This special provides an "exclusive behind-the-scenes" look at the album and the featured vocalists.

The second special is a broadcast of a live concert at the Forum at Mundo Imperial in Acapulco. This special premieres on March 2nd. You can go here to locate the schedule for this broadcast.

Following the launch of the new album, he is kicking off a tour on April 10th. You can learn more about the tour and find a city near you, by checking out his tour on his website.