Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Treat

Each year at school, we have the opportunity to volunteer to bring something in for the class. This year, I signed up for Red Finger Jello. Now, Finger Jello is always a fun treat no matter what shape you find it, but I thought that since it was Valentine's Day, what would be better than Heart Shaped Finger Jello.

I started by mixing up a batch of Finger Jello. Now, I know there is a recipe on the Knox box for Finger Jello (they don't call it that) that uses no Jello and I know there is a recipe on the Jello that uses no Knox, but I make the same recipe that my mom always did, with both Knox and Jello.

Finger Jello

3 small boxes Jello
4 envelopes (1 regular box) Knox gelatin
3 c boiling water
1 c cold water

I pour the cold water in a bowl and sprinkle the Knox gelatin over the top of it and let it sit for a minute. Then I add the 3 packages of jello and pour in the boiling water. Give it a good mixing to make sure everything is fully dissolved. Pour into a 9x13x2 pan and refrigerate.

I find that you need to use a spatula to move all the foamy air bubbles off to the side and deflate them, otherwise you get this weird foamy top to your Jello instead of the nice clear, colorful Jello you were hoping for.

After letting it set in the refrigerator, you can either cut it into squares with a knife, or to make it more fun, cut it out with a season appropriate cookie cutter.

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