Monday, February 16, 2009

Kroger Deals - 2/15

While home visiting my family this weekend, we made a run to Kroger. No stores in my area carry the regular 4 packs of Charmin, they all are either double rolls or just larger packs, so I headed home armed with Charmin coupons. In addition, I can't find Cuties (these are great!) anywhere locally, but I bought them last time I was visiting my family, so I brought those coupons along as well. Unfortunately, my son came down with the flu while we were visiting and I needed some Tylenol, but had no coupons on hand for that.

Here's what I got:

5 pk of Charmin 4ct ($.99 ea)
2 3# bags of Cuties ($3.67 ea)
1 Children's Tylenol ($3.69 ea)

-$5 5 x $.50 Charmin mfg coupons, doubled to $.99
-$2 2 x $.55 Cuties mfg coupons, doubled to $1.

Total paid $9.37.

Not too bad on it's own, but when you add it to the 8 packs of Charmin my mom got for me with the coupons I sent home with her a few weeks ago, I wound up with thirteen (13) 4ct packages of toilet paper for free! That is awesome!

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FishMama said...

Very cool. I wish my Kroger co. (Ralphs) let you double more than one coupon at a time. Sigh.