Friday, April 10, 2009

Target Deals - 4/10

I decided to head to Target today to pick up a few of the items that I knew would be cheap after coupons since I could stack a Target and Manufacturer's coupon (All and Bliss were all I got), as well as to look for some Easter shoes for my daughter.

2 - All Small & Mighty 32 loads ($4.54/ea)
3 - Hershey Bliss ($3.99/ea)
2 - Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup ($1.14/ea)
1 - 12 pk Diet Mtn Dew ($3.66)
1 - 2L Diet Cherry Dr Pepper ($1.49)
1 - 25.25 oz box of Honey Nut Cheerios ($3.33 - big box!!!)
1 - Cottonelle 42ct wipes ($1.69)
1 - Lego Creator Set ($5.44)
1 - Dora Bubbles ($2.99)
2 - Books ($1/ea, from the dollar bin)

I had $6 in Target coupons ($1 ea for the All, the Bliss and the Cottonelle wipes), $9 in manufacturers coupons ($2 ea for the All, $1 ea for the Bliss, $1 for the soups, $1 for the Cheerios) and $5.25 in free coupons (for the Diet Mountain Dew and the Diet Dr Pepper).

My total before tax was $20.68 ($22.20 after tax), with a savings of 22.65 (a 53% savings).

I was pretty pleased with my shopping trip.

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