Sunday, January 24, 2010

DiGiorno House Party

As a participant on HouseParty, I have signed up for a chance to host a number of parties, and occasionally, I'm one of the lucky ones selected to host a party. Recently, I was selected to host a DiGiorno HouseParty.

A few weeks ago, our party pack arrived. It included rally beads for the guests, a football shaped hot pad, a pizza cutter, some stickers to allow the guests to proclaim why they believe that DiGiorno is better than Delivery and of course, product coupons. They all came in this really cute pizza box, like you get with delivery. There were free pizza coupons for us to use in hosting the party and some $4 coupons to share with the guests.

When we headed to the store the other day to pick up some pizzas, I was amazed by the varieties they offered. Not only did they have different types of toppings, they also had different varieties of crust. I have never had DiGiorno before, so I was excited to try all of the varieties. We selected a thin crust, a rising crust, a stuffed crust, an ultimate toppings, a supreme pizza and a chicken pizza. I was excited to find a supreme pizza with no mushrooms. As a non-mushroom eater, it is always frustrating to me when my only choices seem to be cheese, pepperoni or meat. It is nice to be able to have more toppings on a frozen pizza, just like a fresh one.

We had everyone over last night for pizza and games (although, we never got around to games, we were too busy just visiting). We had bagel chips and cut vegetables with dip, salads, cheese ball, nuts and M&Ms for munching with our pizza and then we had brownie ice cream sundaes for dessert. We started with two pizzas, the supreme and the rising crust cheese. With only one oven, I figured two at a time would be my limit. We selected the cheese for the kids and the supreme for the adults. Then, as the evening progressed we put in different varieties.

Compared to the lackluster delivery available locally, these pizzas definitely had the edge. The sauce was flavorful. The dough was chewy, but not too chewy. The toppings were flavorful, although (much like delivery) there wasn't always enough of some of the toppings. There was a good variety, so you could choose the pizza that fits your taste.

Everyone tried many of the varieties, but there definitely were favorites. For me, the supreme was my favorite. Again, I love to have toppings on my pizza but do not like mushrooms. It was very flavorful with a tasty sauce, some peppers, onions and pepperoni. I also liked that it was a thin crust, which is my favorite style of crust. I know that one of my guests really enjoyed the Spicy Chicken. I didn't have that one (it was the 4th pizza I made and I was starting to get very full), but did have a piece of chicken that had fallen off and it definitely had a good flavor. The one family indicated that they normally bought the stuffed crust pizza and were excited to try the other varieties as well and also enjoyed that there was a supreme pizza choice with no mushrooms.

As I shared the coupons with the guests at the end of the evening, ever being on the look out for a deal, I made sure to mention that one of our local grocery stores had them all on sale for $4.88 this week. With the coupons I was sharing, that meant that they could get a pizza for just $0.88 - which is much cheaper than delivery too.

Of course, I didn't think to grab my camera during the party, so there are no pictures of the pizza party itself to share.

I received no compensation for this post. As a participant in the DiGiorno HouseParty, I received stuff to share with my guests as well as coupons for free pizza and $4 coupons to share with guests.