Friday, January 1, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday - New Year's Edition

Well, I'd like to say that I lost weight this week, but it wasn't so. I am glad though that at least I didn't gain any weight. That isn't such a bad thing. We had a New Year's Eve gathering at our house last night and I nibbled on cookies, cheese, summer sausage, and more and had a few glasses of wine. So, the fact that I was able to maintain, is a good thing.

Looking back over the last year, it had it's ups and downs. I started last year about 20# heavier than I am now. I had lost about 12# in the spring and then, had a bad cold that kept me from exercising (the whole breathing thing being an important part of exercising). From there, I lost track of what I was eating. I tried to get back in the grove as summer arrived, starting back into my routines of watching what I was eating and exercising. A fall that tore up both of my knees and caused some strains in the knee/ankle and our summer vacation, took me back off course. Through the course of the two set backs, I gained back most of what I had lost.

As summer ended, I decided I had had enough of this and started back to watching what I ate. I joined Weight Watchers. I found that with eTools, I was able to track my eating and know how I was doing. The recipe builder tool helped me continue to cook normal for my family and understand how much of those family favorites I could eat at a meal and still be within my target Points range. I started adding some walking to my daily routine on a more consistent basis and then after a few months, started doing P90X again. Together, following the Weight Watchers program and focusing on exercise, I was able to lose 20# since the end of August. Even better, I was able to start wearing pants that are a size smaller than I have worn for the past 4 years.

I hope that on the first day of next year, that I am posting about being at least 20# lighter than I am today. I plan to continue to attend Weight Watchers. I plan to finish the remaining five weeks I have on P90X. But, I won't stop then. I will continue to use the P90X workouts and mix in some of the workouts from the Biggest Loser DVDs that I won a few weeks ago.

I have a goal of purchasing a Wii with Wii Fit when I lose the next 20# (or if I am a winner the Holidays and Holding contest at work, I will purchase it sooner with the credit I can get towards fitness equipment - I checked to confirm that Wii Fit would qualify). Once I own a Wii, I think that will be an occasional bonus workout for me, not being added to my morning routine, but rather a fun activity for the evening.

What are your weight loss goals? What are your plans for attaining your goals? Join me each week and share in the comments about your successes and challenges. Together, we can succeed.


Fernanda said...

Reading your post sounded so familiar, except I can't say that I'm finishing off 2009 weighing less 20 pounds. Last Monday I started doing weight watchers again and using the online tools. I'm trying to approach this as a journey. Not something that has a beginning and ending. If I can say at the end of 2010 that I am down 20 pounds, I will be happy. As long as I'm not 20 pounds heavier. I will definitely be back to check your blog as you go through this year. As a mom of three I know how life can be crazy. It's the time I have to read other moms blogs that really helps me unwind. Good luck on your journey.