Friday, January 22, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

What a week! My parents decided to come and visit last weekend. That was fine, but for whatever reason I decided not to track what I was eating - not a good thing. As I said here, keeping track of what I eat is so helpful to me. I don't think I did too bad on Saturday, when I went back and built my day from memory I was only a few points over for the day. Sunday, now that was a different story. We went to brunch at Bob Evans. They have these new biscuit bowls and I decided to try one. I went with the Sausage Gravy version. It was delicious and now I know why, it was over 1000 calories and was worth 25 Points. That is more Points than I get for a whole day!!! Needless to say, I had already eaten a bowl of cereal in the morning and I had to eat something for dinner, so I really used up my weekly Points, which I don't normally use many of.

So, Monday, after a weekend of relaxed eating, I was super munchie girl. Everything that I saw sounded good. I didn't do awful, but I had a granola bar and a few other snacks during the day, when I normally would not have snacked.

After Monday, I managed to get back on track with eating. Thank goodness! Lesson learned, look up calories or ask for a chart at the restaurant. If I had prepared myself, I wouldn't have chosen that for brunch, but rather would have gone with something a little less caloric.

On a positive note, I exercised every morning this week, even the day I had a 7 am flight. I only have 2 weeks left to go in Phase 3 of P90X and then I have the recovery week. I can definitely see a difference, but not like they show on infomercials. I'm happy with the changes and will continue to use many of the routines in my weekly exercise cycle. It probably doesn't help that I skip the Yoga each week and only do the Ab Ripper occasionally. I would like to incorporate that one more regularly, I know it works - I can feel it in my abs the next day. I am excited though to be so close to finishing, it gives me a real sense of accomplishment to complete something as intense as that.

At my Weight Watchers meeting on Monday, I lost but 0.2#. I was glad to have a loss and know that wiser decisions on Sunday would have made it better. Better things for next week I hope.

For the week, I finished down 0.6# and now have only 18.2# to go. The pounds have been slow recently, but I am hoping that soon I will be off this plateau and moving towards my goal.


Katie @ Frugal Femina said...

Okay, hearing the calories/points in that Bob Evans meal really puts things in perspective. WOW.

Big props to you for working out on your flight day. Way to go!