Friday, January 15, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

Anymore, if it's not one thing, it's another. I feel like every week when I sit down to write about my most recent week on my weight loss journey there was a challenge. Wouldn't it be nice to just once sit down and say, I ate well, I exercised, I wasn't challenged and I lost weight. Thing is, if it were that easy, I probably would have lost the weight years ago.

This week was impacted by my catching a cold. At least, that is what I think it is. I did have a fever of 102 on Tuesday night and stayed home on Wednesday, so as not to make my coworkers sick. To me, the cold offered two disadvantages. First, the ability to breath is important in exercising and of course, the fever didn't help either. I wound up missing my morning exercise two mornings - Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, I was convinced that I must get up, lest I get off of my routine. I actually was able to get out and walk at lunch too on Friday - hadn't been able to do that since before the holidays. Sure, I nearly slipped in a few spots where the sidewalks still had some slushy snow, but it was nice to be out and moving. The second disadvantage of a cold is this whole loss of taste. I was looking for something appealing to eat. I didn't eat much of anything, but ate a little of lots. I'd have a few bites of something and it wouldn't cut it and I'd move on and try something else. It's really hard to measure a few bites of something, so I'm sure my Points were way off.

At Weight Watchers, on Monday, as expected from my getting back in the routine week the week before, I had a slight gain (less than a pound)...but nothing that worries me. I'm going to get back on track and moving towards my goal. The good news is that every week that I have had a gain, the following week I recaptured that gain and lost more, so hopefully next week's weigh in will be consistent.

As for my Friday weigh in, I was pretty much flat with just a .2# weight loss. I have 18.8# to go on my journey and am starting to wonder if my Valentine's Day goal of being down to only 10# to go can happen. Hopefully, I will get over this cold, back on routine and moving towards this goal again next week.