Friday, January 8, 2010

Taco Bell Fresco Taco

Did you have a chance to try Taco Bell's new Fresco Taco?

We printed the coupon here (still available) a few weeks ago and picked them up over the holidays. They seemed okay to me...seemed like their standard taco, minus the cheese, plus a tomato salsa like topping. Their Fresco menu is touted as 7 items under 9 g of fat.

If you already used this coupon, you can now get a free Fresco Taco with the purchase of a drink. You can print that coupon here.

I do like that the coupons are good for the chicken, steak or beef taco, despite the fact that chicken and steak are more than the beef ones. I will tell you though that my store didn't know how to enter the coupon for the chicken, so they entered the beef and said they would have them make the chicken. I didn't check my bag...of course, I got the beef. Interestingly enough, they entered the order the same way for my husband and he got the chicken one.