Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yoga Advice?

So, as you might recall from some of my past posts, I do P90X. I don't just do it, I love it. I've modified to fit my life/time - I only do 5 days a week not 6 and I don't always do the Ab Ripper (takes too much time in the morning). The workout that I cut out was Yoga. The main reason - it is really long!!! and I don't have the time in the morning before work to fit it in. I tried it on the weekend, but then I have the kids around and I am trying to learn it while they are there interrupting, asking for this or needing that, or just plain old talking over the DVD.

I've heard though that Yoga is great for balance, centering and core strength, so I would love to do it. I was thinking it might be something I could add one or two evenings each week. The problem - what Yoga? Ideally, I'm looking for something that is 45 minutes - 1 hour in length. I'm looking for something that is either an all-in-one or something that has two or three in a series that I could alternate between. I'm a beginner, the only Yoga poses that I know are those that are used for stretching and on some of the exercises in the balance of the P90X series. I think I can learn, but I know I am not well balanced and fall over trying some poses. I don't want one that is too beginner that I will "grow" out of in a few weeks, but don't want something so advanced that I feel defeated in the early attempts.

I've looked at the store/on-line, but there have to be simply thousands of Yoga titles, which makes choosing one rather daunting. So, I come to you to ask - what Yoga video would you recommend? I'd like to narrow the field to those that others have tried and love. I'm planning to see if the library has it first, so I can give it a trial run before purchasing it for my own collection.

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Melanie Eccles said...

I've just gotten started in yoga and I LOVE it. It's incredible for balance, strength, and relaxation. Here are my suggestions:

For a yoga "workout" (fast paced, not for meditation but burning calories):
Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown.
(This has 2-25 minute workouts)

For a fantastic yoga workout easy enough for beginners but still every move is challenging enough for more intermediate:
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Body Slimming Yoga
(This has 1-25 min. and 1-45 minute workout. I was hesistant thinking this would be some preppy cheerleader workout, but the girls don't even talk and aren't dressed appropriately and the instructer--a guy--is great! He explains the moves so well I don't have to watch the screen. This is more traditional yoga--not calorie burning--but still intense!)

And For a really traditional yoga routine try:
Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga
(There is 1-25 min and 1-45 minute routine. This is VERY traditional, very Eastern, very soothing. There are some complicated moves and it takes a little more to understand the moves, but it's great!)

Good luck! Let me know what works for you!

Jelli said...

I have 2 yoga DVDS that I've never used. One came with my Danskin mat and the other with a box of Special-K. If you're interested, I can mail them your way.

Liberty said...

for athletes. *blessings*

Liberty said...

Okay - that last comment didn't come thru - What I Was saying was...I like THe Rodney Yee DVD's, Yoga for athletes. Best at home yoga practice out there.

Unknown said...

Check out They have a free session of about an hour each week (level varies), and you can get shorter sessions of theirs from iTunes. You have to subscribe to get all their archives (which I've never done). I like that it keeps it fresh with always have different sessions. I've fallen off the wagon recently, but am trying to get back into it!

Anonymous said...

I've recently discovered a great yoga DVD from my library. Yoga Journal's Step By Step Yoga. It's 3 DVDs. There are multiple ways to do the practice...watching the beginner version, watching the instructor, with medical commentary, etc. There is a section for learning each individual pose, including the common mistakes made. Great DVDs.