Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caller ID and kids

We never had caller ID until we converted our land line to a cell line and started using XLink (read more here). It was one of those services that I never felt was worth the cost that the telephone company charged. Plus, then you had to have either a phone that had caller id or get a separate display - both which were added costs above the phones we already had.

Now, with the XLink and the phones that we purchased to get one base and several handset extensions, we have caller ID and the phone even speaks the name to us. It displays all phone numbers, but only gives a name if we have programmed the phone number and name into the phone. (It's funny to listen to it pronounce some names. We had to spell my mom's name wrong to get it to say it correctly.)

I never really appreciated this service until recently. My son as a rule doesn't answer the phone. It's just one of those things that we had never encouraged. Now, when it rings and he hears that is me or one of his Grandparents he will answer the phone. I like not having to worry that he is answering every call that comes in (when we are not in the house or busy doing something keeping us from the phone), but like knowing that if I am out and calling and my husband can't answer the phone that he will answer. That way I can still get my message home without having to leave a message on a machine and wonder if they got the message.

Having "partial" Caller ID works for me.

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