Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Alas, my journey continues...I am happy to say that though I had a slight gain last week, this week I was successfully able to lose it. I am convinced (or at least trying to convince myself) that the tide has turned, that I am back on track for success and the loss of this remaining 13+ pounds that I have a desire to lose.

I can't say that I ate that much better this week than I have been, but I did get back to measuring and tracking better - which I know is a big help to me. I've started using the eTools more consistently on WeightWatchers.com. They made some programming adjustments and I must say that I like them. They weren't anything major, but now when I click on add food, my cursor is in the box and I don't have to click into the box to enter the food I want to search for. It may sound strange, but this was always a concern to me. I still can't save a work out that isn't in there as a favorite - I can create a food and save it, shouldn't I be able to create a work out and save it?

As for exercise, I am between P90X sessions, but am focusing on Yoga. I have picked up some of the Yoga DVDs that some readers recommended a while back and am doing those and the P90X Yoga DVD as well. I must say that Yoga is much more of a workout than I was thinking it would be. I always thought of it as postures and positions. I thought of it as a soothing, calming type of exercise. I seriously sweat when I do yoga and I can definitely feel it in some of my muscles the next day...I know that I am getting a good workout. I have learned that I am not balanced, I am hoping that with practicing yoga that I can get there. I think I will restart P90X next week or the week after, depending on how the yoga is going. The one DVD set that I have is 3 DVDs each with a 20 minute workout, they might become the evening set - P90X in the morning and yoga 3 nights a week. I think that could work for me.

Here's looking to a successful week!


~Lori~ said...

Congrats on your loss! A loss is a loss!

How is the PX90?

Keep up the hard work!

Val said...

I am also looking into purchasing a Yoga DVD. What ones were recommended to you? Do you have any favorites? Thanks & good luck with those last 13!

Momma On The Run said...

Yay on the loss!! Keep it up! You can do it:)

Rachel said...

I LOVE yoga; I have a few old VHS tapes that I need to dig back out. Thanks for the reminder! ;)

Congrats on losing what you had gained -- I had the same experience this week. Yay for us!

BusyMom said...

Val - I am trying (from the library) Yoga Journal Yoga Step by Step. It's a 3 disc set. Each includes like a 30 minute practice, where she shows you the poses/transitions and a 20 minute flowing yoga session. I don't know many of the positions, so it is a good instructional set.

Lori - I love the P90X. It is a tough workout, but I feel good when I do it. (you can check out my WFMW post to learn more)

kia said...

Yoga is what you make of it, though there are different kinds with Ashtanga and Bikram being some of the more vigorous in my opinion I can make anyone HURT and WORK in a Hatha class if they were game.