Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Pits

Cherry Pits that is!

When I was younger, I liked Marashino Cherries, but disliked Cherry Pie Filling. I mistakenly thought that was what Cherries taste like and for years, wouldn't eat them. Then, one day someone told me that they tasted a little like plums. I finally tried cherries and I was hooked!

Now, I love to eat cherries. Of course (it's good), my kids want to eat anything that I do. The challenge was that eating around the pit and spitting it out was no problem for me. For the kids, they were too young to do that and I had to cut the pit out. Finally, I found the tool that makes my life so much easier.

The cherry pitter.

This is one tool that I have gotten more than my value out of. It is a tool that I use every summer during cherry season. This year, my son started to use the tool himself and pit his own cherries.

You can see in the pictures that mine has a splash guard. This works great because I can set the plastic part down into my bowl and when the pits come out, the juice goes into the bowl.
I have a very full tool drawer (although I did clear it out a bit when I got this), so I really do like that it closes up rather compactly for storage too.

The other day, my manager at work gave me a basket of cherries that someone had brought in. They were a delicious dark, sweet cherry. I knew that we probably wouldn't eat them all in time since we already had a fruit-filled refrigerator, so I decided to use them up by baking with them. I didn't want to make a pie and I had some brown bananas, so I decided to make a Banana Cherry Loaf.

I served it with some Cinnamon Sugar Butter Spread. Yum! I love adding butter and cinnamon sugar to banana bread and having the convenient spread made it that much easier to share at work.

Banana Cherry Loaf recipe

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Mom2fur said...

I brought home some Bing cherries a while back and found out I'm the only one who eats them here. (Probably because of the pits.) So I decided to make jam with them. I cut them open with a paring knife and used my thumb to get the pit out. What a pain! I'm going to be looking for one of those pitters. Anything to make life easier!
P.S.--I mixed the cherries with pluots, since I didn't have enough for the jam recipe.

Diana said...

If you don't have a pitter and don't want to shell out the bucks for one, a tough straw or the casing for an instant-read thermometer will work too. But I'd love to have a pitter like yours! :)

Karen Delaney said...

I have never bought large quantities of cherries, but recently received a 4# box. Asked my friends on FB for the loan of a pitter (had the opportunity several times to purchase one at the local thrift shop, but what did I need it for?). My friend, Sam, loaned me one. What a wonderful, time saving gadget!