Wednesday, August 31, 2011

True Lemon (and more!) - Helping Me Drink My Water

One of the things that I have been trying to focus on in my weight loss journey is my water consumption. I love water, so it seems like it should be easy, but sometimes you just need a little flavor.

(Sort of unrelated ramble) I am convinced that if someone could invent flavor strips that gave me the flavor of many of my favorite foods that I could lead a more "fuller" life without the added calories. When I go on little eating adventures and exceed my calorie targets for the day, it is generally because I am looking for a flavor. I try this or that and it just doesn't satisfy my craving and I move onto another flavor. Now, I know that the reality is that likely these flavor strips wouldn't satisfy my craving - they might provide the taste, but my stomach would still be empty. I read somewhere, not sure where though, that in part, consumption of diet sodas leads to a higher overall calorie intake and that one premise is that the sweet taste leads your body to expect calories and when they don't "arrive" in your stomach that you wind up needing to eat to deliver on that promise of calories. (now back to what I was saying)

I enjoy the crisp taste of water with lemon, but for some reason, at our house we struggle with lemons. We either don't buy enough or buy too many and they go bad. I have shared before about True Lemon and how much we really like this product. We typically have True Lemon in the house and I frequently have a packet in my bag.

Recently, I had the opportunity to receive a sample box of all of their products. I was completely unaware how many other products that they offer. They have a True Lime and a True Orange product that is very similar to their True Lemon, in that it is just flavor. And, one that I haven't tried, True Grapefruit. But, they also offer some sweetened products - True Lemonade and True Raspberry Lemonade. They use Stevia as the sweetener to provide the sweetness in the lemonade products.

One of the things that I like about the True Citrus products is that their flavor is subtle. Whether I add True Lemon, True Lime or True Orange to my water, I don't get knocked down with flavor but rather get a refreshing glass of water with just a hint or essence of the fruit flavor. The first time I had the True Orange, it took me a few sips to decide what I thought - normally when I am having an Orange drink in my glass it is orange juice and that packs a lot more flavor punch. The lime and lemon, well I have added wedges of those fruits to my glass before. Even the True Lemonade and True Raspberry Lemonade products aren't overpowering. They offer a nice flavor, with a touch of sweet.

What I do know for sure, is that the product line from True Citrus allows me to enjoy my water more. Having flavor options, beyond plain water, makes it easier for me to increase my water intake and to avoid other flavored beverages with meals like pizza, where plain water never seems to work for me.

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No compensation was received for this post. The opinions expressed are mine and those of my family. True Citrus provided me with a sampler pack that included samples of many of their products, so that I might share about my experience.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea. My husband does not drink alot of water, and you gave me the idea.