Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mamavation Monday

The irony of writing this post is that I should be exercising now, but I was feeling lazy this morning and opted to not change into exercise clothes. I had a wonderful, full weekend and I think that is a contributor. I found time to fit in a workout on Thursday morning, but since, have been relying on the activity of planning, throwing and cleaning up a birthday party. There were numerous trips up and down stairs, there were quick walks through the grocery store to stay on schedule, but there was no official exercise. So, I got out of the groove and found myself completely worn out by the weekend. This has completely zapped my motivation. I am dedicated to getting up tomorrow and returning to normal routine.

I'm also a bit bummed to report that even with the time change, sunrise still isn't officially until 7 am, which means that I am still facing the dark at work out time. I need to follow-up on the status of the indoor track - which was supposed to be open a few weeks ago, but was closed when I stopped up. I figured that it was not likely to be open today with elections, but am hopeful that it will be. I just wish they would return my call.

I guess my other option is to return to P90X for the next 90 days. By then, it will be light out in the morning (although, probably rather cold!). It has been a few months since I did it routinely. I have picked up a workout here or there, but to go back through the rigors of the program would probably be very beneficial to me. And, now that the basement is back in order post-construction, I finally have a place for some of the workouts again.

Eating has been ho-hum. I haven't been eating awful, just not doing a stellar job of tracking it or recognizing what I have eaten. Even this weekend, with the party and lots of company, I didn't necessarily eat much unhealthy food, but I did tend to eat a lot of everything. The problem is that I am a picker and I continue to pick at things long after I am full, when they are just sitting there. I made turkey for my daughter's party and it was so yummy. Last night, as I was putting together plates for dinner, I couldn't help but pick at the cold turkey. By the time I built my plate, I don't know that I was very hungry. I need to refocus my eating.

The good news is that even with the party this weekend, I only slipped a little bit and hope to be back on track in no time.

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Wendy said...

I hate when I get in that complacent mood! But, I know when I do, I stop losing weight and staying on track, so thankfully it doens't happen often! Its beginning to get dark early now here in Ct, too.. makes me sad.