Saturday, November 19, 2011

Walgreens Deals - 11/16

I stopped in at Walgreens quickly the other evening on my way to a work dinner. I couldn't find my Speedstick coupon but went ahead with the deal.
Transaction #1
2 - Speedstick

Total $5.33 OOP. Earned $2 RR.

Transaction #2
1 - Scunci Barrettes

-$2 RR

Total $1.18 OOP. Earned $2 RR.

Transaction #3
3 - Scotch Tape
1 - Duck Bubblewrap

-$1 Duck mfg coupon

-$2 RR

Total $.68 OOP.

My total OOP was $7.19 and according to my receipts, I saved a total of $15.28. So, I got $22.47 in product for $7.19, a savings of about 68%. Would have been better if I could find that coupon, but still not too bad and I was able to get more barrettes for my daughter, who has trouble hanging on to her barrettes.