Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CVS Deals - 7/2

I think that as long as CVS keeps sending me 30% off my regular price purchase coupons, that I will find a way to use them. With this week's ad being a two part ad, there wasn't anything in particular that caught my eye, so when I headed in to use my coupon yesterday before it expired, it was simply to take advantage of the offer.

I had a helper with me and she managed to add two things to the deal.

2 - Ensure Clear
1 - Gummy Bear
1 - Alive Vitamins
1 - Suave Men Shampoo
1 - Ball

-$2 Ensure Mfg coupon
-$2 Shampoo CRT

-$9.03 CVS 30% off e-mail offer

Paid with $4.50 in ECBs and $16.60 plus tax OOP.

The coupon didn't scan, so the cashier had to calculate it. Unfortunately, that meant that she took off the manufacturer's coupon before the 30% coupon. It shouldn't have worked that way, it was only supposed to be the CVS coupons that came off before the deal not manufacturer's coupons. Oh well, it would only have been 20c difference. I had misplaced one of my Ensure Clear coupons, but they told me I could bring it back this week with the receipt and they would honor, so I will be heading back for my $2.