Thursday, July 12, 2012

Frozen Treats - Yummy!

Even when I am watching what I eat, I am like a child and I like to end my day with a sweet treat (or sometimes have it in the middle of the afternoon). Some days, I make s'mores in my microwave, but in the midst of summer, there is nothing that satisfies a sweet tooth like a frozen treat.

One thing that I have noticed, now that I am more calorie aware is how many options there are out there that are either better for you options or at least are portion controlled options - both of which help me stay in control. I recently had the opportunity to try a variety of ice cream and frozen treats.

As I was making my choice at the grocery store, the first thing that I noted was the variety of options. Take for example the Klondike Bars. There are the standard Bars that I associate with the commercials (hearing the "What would you do, for a Klondike Bar" tune in my head), there are Choco Tacos, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Sugar Free and 100 calorie options - amongst others. I selected the 100 calorie Ice Cream Sandwiches. There is just something about the flavor of an ice cream sandwich that I love. They were always a favorite treat of mine as a child and I still love them. The best part - even at 100 calories they are a satisfying portion. They meet my need for a sweet, cool and creamy treat and I even get to have more than a couple of bites!

Next I decided to try the new Magnum bars. As I perused the line, I noticed that they were made with Belgian Chocolate, how could I go wrong. The flavor selection had my mouth watering. There are several varieties available - they have everything from Double Caramel, to Dark Chocolate, to Mint, to Mochaccino - they all sounded amazing to me. Trying to maintain my calorie conscience approach to stocking my freezer, I decided to try the Mini Pleasures. Described as 'all the pleasure in a smaller serving', they are available in classic and almond. Not a big nut fan, I went with the classic.
Now, technically a serving is 2 bars and is 300 calories, but I know that I can allow myself to enjoy just one bar and enjoy the luxury feel of the silky, vanilla bean ice cream covered in Belgian Milk Chocolate for only 150 calories. That is a treat worth reserving calories for!

Lastly, I picked up a box of Rainbow Popsicles. Personally, I would have been easily swayed by the Jolly Rancher or the Sour Patch Kids varieties, but my assistant liked the idea of Rainbow. This is the perfect treat for the whole family. With a variety of flavors in one box and only 45 calories per serving - it is a great way to cool down on a warm afternoon.

Now, some may say, why aren't the other ones a good treat for the whole family - trust me, they would be, I'm really just being selfish and don't want to share if i can keep those indulgences all to myself!

What is your favorite frozen treat?

No compensation was received for this post. I received some coupons for free products from Unilever so that my family and I could experience the varieties of frozen treats. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family.


Betty Roberts said...

I haven't tried the magnum yet but they look decadent! My favorite is blue bunny almond chocolate bars and klondikes :)