Monday, July 9, 2012

New at Giant Eagle - b•lēve

Have you seen the new line of skin care, hair care and bath & body products at Giant Eagle. The line is called b•lēve and consists of quality beauty products made with natural ingredients and backed by advanced science.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying out a number of the b•lēve products and have been very satisfied with them.

Skin Care - the skin care line uses natural grape extract technology.

b-luminous facial cleanser - Unlike some of the facial cleansers that I have been using lately, this creamy cleanser doesn't really 'foam'. I am fine with that, it seems to do an effective job cleaning my face. I do like that the cleanser pours out of the bottle versus being squeezed. I feel like I can get the right amount and feel that I will be able to use all of the product.

b-vibrant rejuvenating day lotion - This lotion meets my two criteria for facial lotions - it has an SPF and has a good consistency. I am in and out all day long, so I like to know that I am starting with a good base. When I go out to 'play', I put sunscreen on, but when I am simply moving from building to building at work, I rely on my moisturizer to provide some level of protection. This lotion is just the right thickness that it goes on smooth and leaves my skin feeling soft.

Hair Care - the hair care line uses ingredients like olive, white tea and cactus.

b-voluptuous shampoo/conditioner - As with any shampoo and conditioner, I had to use it a few days to see what I thought about it. I am not sure why, and don't suspect that I am the only one, but whenever I change shampoo or water, it takes my hair a few days to adjust. I have been satisfied with this shampoo/conditioner. It works well enough to allow me to continue on my practice of washing my hair on alternating days. To me, this means it is giving me a deep enough clean and sealing in moisture that my hair still looks good the next day. The smell of the shampoo and conditioner is pleasant and not very intense.

Bath & Body Care - uses moisture beads and Oleofirm technology to keep you moisturized throughout the day.

b-tranquil body wash - I have been using this body wash with my poof every morning for the past couple of weeks. I feel that it gives a nice lather and does a good job of cleaning my skin. Again, the smell is pleasant and not very intense.

b-tranquil body lotion - The lotion has a nice texture. It is just thick enough to provide good moisture, without being too hard to rub into the skin. It doesn't leave me feeling sticky or greasy either.

Overall, I have been pleased with the product line. They "b•lēve that quality beauty products made with natural ingredients and backed by advanced science should be convenient and affordable." Based on the display (below) at my local store, the hair care (12 oz bottles) and bath & body care products (16-17 oz) are priced at $6.99 each. The facial cleanser (6.6oz) is available for $6.99 also. The other facial care products are priced at $15.99 and include eye cream, night cream, face and eye serum and the day lotion. In addition, the b•lēve products also give you a double-your-money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

Would you like to try some? Thanks to Giant Eagle, in addition to the sample product box that I received, I have a sample product box available to share with one A Busy Mom of Two reader.

The sample product box contains:
b-passionate body lotion
b-luminous facial cleanser
b-restful rejuvenating night cream

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No compensation was received for this post. One sample product box and product information was provided for me by Giant Eagle. In addition, they also provided a sample product box use as a giveaway to a reader. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my family.


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As a new mom, I could really use some pampering!!

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Anonymous said...

This is an excellent line of products. I especially love the b•leve skin care products that use grape extract technology to revitalize damaged skin cells.