Thursday, August 16, 2012

CVS Deals - 8/15

CVS recently sent me another 30% off coupon and since it was expiring and I needed a hair brush, I headed over to my local CVS to pick up some deals. I did learn that if something is part of a spend $x get $y ECB deal that the discount will apply, as long as the item is regular price. I tried to use this to my advantage yesterday. I picked up a straightener - have never owned one, not sure I will keep it but I thought I would at least entertain the idea.
1 - Alive Vitamins
1 - Conair Hair Brush
1 - Scuunci Head Band Set
1 - Conair Straightening Iron
1 - pack of Orbit gum (on clearance for $1.02)

-$13.14 30% off e-mail coupon
-$1. Any Gum Multipack CRT

Total $29.64, plus $1.96 tax. Earned $4 ECB.

I knew that the vitamins are cheaper at 30% off than they are at Walmart and I rarely see them on any sort of BOGO or other type of deal. I think that the hairbrush and headbands with the 30% and the $4 ECBs were definitely a deal - in fact, the headbands are pre-priced, so they would have been the same anywhere. I'm not sure about the straightening iron. I still need to check it out and read some reviews to make sure it will be okay. They had others that cost more, but they were 2" wide and I was worried that my hair was too short for that.

I got 4 CRTs for Mars Snack Mix. I am not sure what this is, but am thinking that the M&M snack mix is the only thing I have seen - unless it means a bag of candy? I will have to figure it out, they really must want for me to try it if I got four identical coupons on one visit to CVS.


Betty Roberts said...

Oh wowi need a new brush and straighteners threw out my old one because it was pealing 0.o

Theresa said...

Awesome deal on the straightening iron!

Tara said...

oh sweet! thx for this i need a new straightener!!