Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CVS Deals - 8/26

I had a very disappointing and frustrating visit to CVS this past Sunday. It reminded me why I try to avoid that location.

I had received an e-mail offer for $4/$20, which I elected to send to card rather than print. Things seemed fine, when I printed the coupons from the scanner, there was a slip that printed saying that I had the $4/$20 on my card.

I picked up my two items and headed to the checkout.

1 - Nature Made Fish Oil 300ct
1 - UNREAL Chocolate Bar

Together, my total was $21.18 for the two items. Now normally, I would hand over my transaction coupon of $4/$20, but since it was on the card, I wasn't able to do it first. So, I handed over my coupons. I had a CRT for the Nature Made vitamins. It was for $4 off when you spent $20 on Nature Made Vitamins. Now, I have been shopping at CVS to know that on ECB deals and coupons alike, that most of the time, you can be a penny or two off of the total and the coupons/ECB offer still work. I handed the coupon to the cashier and she said it won't work. I asked if she had scanned the coupon? She said no, the vitamins were only $19.99. I explained that many times the penny didn't matter with the coupons, she still wouldn't scan. I asked if she could price adjust it up to $20.01 and take it. She said it was on sale so she couldn't price override. I asked if a manager could help, I was told the woman next to her was the manager. Finally, she scanned it and you know what it worked - there was no need to push the coupon through, it simply went. Then, she scanned the free UNREAL coupon that I had received through Facebook. It was only good up to $1 and they are all priced at $1.19 in the store. She told me she could only take off $1, I told her that I understood since that was the term of the coupon. I used some ECBs and paid for my transaction. I stopped when I was at $4.12, figuring that was the right spot. I asked why the $4/$20 coupon didn't come off and they said it didn't ask. Then they said, maybe it isn't good on sale merchandise. I looked at my slip and there weren't restrictions noted like there are on the % off questions. It wasn't until I was home and looked at my receipt that I discovered the likely reason - unfortunately, because my transaction was only $3.18 before tax, the $4/$20 coupon did not apply. I hadn't expected the tax to be close to $1. If the coupon had applied before I started making my 'payment', then it should have worked. I guess that being green cost me green this time. Unfortunately, the coupon expired on my card unused.