Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CVS Deals - 8/22

I had really good intentions of going to CVS earlier this week, because I had a 25% off coupon. Only, when I went to my e-mail to print it, I discovered I was a day late to print. So, when I got a $2 ECB coupon by e-mail - anyone else? - I decided to not let that one escape. I didn't really prepare scenarios this week, but I knew that I had expired ECBs that I needed to use too, so I was looking for a few items that I could pick up. Cereal is something that we go through at my house (out of fairness the boxes are getting smaller, but a box doesn't last like it used to).

2 - Cheerios
1 - Revlon Just Bitten Lip

-$1 Cheerios mfg coupon
-$3 Revlon face or eye CRT
-$1 Revlon Color mfg coupon

Paid with $2, $1, $1 and $1 ECB and $1.62 OOP (with tax). Earned $2 and $4 ECBs. So, net cost was about $.62, which is not too bad for two boxes of cereal and lip product.

What did you get at CVS this week?


Betty Roberts said...

I agree the boxes are getting smaller! And there's 4 of us eating cereal in the morning it's lasting about3-4 days :/

Tami Vollenweider said...

Even though You couldn't use the 20% coupon,you still did good!