Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CVS Deals - 11/21

I must not have been fully alert this morning. I got up and I worked out, I got my shower and got the kids breakfast and walked out the door. Only, I forgot that I might need breakfast. I totally forgot to grab a protein shake or a protein bar before leaving. I'm not sure how I missed that. Clearly, for a change of pace, my stomach wasn't growling. I knew that I would pass CVS and that if nothing else, I could grab a protein bar, so I stopped in.

I wound up finding the South Beach Meal Bars that were part of the free after ECB offer and they even had peelies on them for $1 off. I decided to see if there were other freebies available and noticed a sale on the CVS vitamins.

1 - South Beach Meal Bar
2 - CVS Vitamin C, 50 ct
1 - Hot Wheels car

-$1 South Beach Meal Bar Peelie
-$2 CVS Vitamin CRT

Paid with $5.87 in ECBs and $3.41 plus tax OOP. Earned $4.99 and $1 ECBs.

Not too bad for a completely unplanned trip to buy a protein bar for breakfast.


J Rodney said...

I got the hot wheels cars and South Beach bars too...