Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Tinkerbell Slippers

On Thanksgiving, my daughter spent part of the afternoon relaxing and watching Secret of the Wings. After watching the movie, she decided that she needed to have shoes like Tinkerbell's to wear with her Tinkerbell dress. I was out running to CVS when the movie ended and my husband drew her a shoe on green paper that she cut out. When I came home, she told me all about the shoes.
After looking at her cut out, I had a plan in my head on how we could make a simple pair of slippers, so I asked her if she wanted to make a pair of Tinkerbell slippers that she could wear. Of course, she wanted to run right out and get the fabric and cotton balls to make them. I told her that we would have to wait and go on Friday to get the materials. After I finished my Black Friday shopping, I came home and we had lunch and headed back out to get materials for Tinkerbell slippers.

At Walmart, we were able to find a soft green brushed flannel material and matching thread and some white pompoms, although not as big as we had hoped. We also grabbed some puffy paint to create a non-slip bottom for the slippers.

When we came home, I pulled out my sewing machine and got started. Using the paper cut out and her foot as a guide, I cut a square of fabric along the fold.
I sketched in a pencil line to reflect the general shape that I needed to acheive for the slipper. I started by sewing the back. I then sewed the top seam. I flipped them inside out and had her put them on. I could tell that I was too tall in the toe, so we took them off and I sewed it a little lower. To get a more 'boxy' toe, I snipped the end of the slipper and flattened them so that I could sew a toe seam. Once we were happy with the first slipper, I used it as my guide to create the other one. Then, we added the puffy paint in designs of my daughters choice to the bottom of the slipper and allowed it to dry overnight. Then, I grabbed a needle and sewed on the pompom.

At first, she had reservations about them, but once they were done, she loved them. They were a simple and quick project that we could work on together. Of course, in the process of modeling the slippers with her Tinkerbell dress, we learned that the dress was getting too small. So, now we need a Tinkerbell dress to go with our slippers. (sounds a bit like a Laura Numeroff 'If You Give a Mouse A...' book!)
DIY projects work for me!