Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

What a wonderful weekend!

Our weekend started late on Wednesday afternoon. The family headed out to see Finding Nemo in 3D at the local bargain theater with friends. It has been a long time since I have sat down and watched the whole movie. It was a treat to sit back and watch a familiar favorite in 3D. After the movie, we all headed out to Fazolis for a quick dinner. Then, a pre-Thanksgiving visit to BJs, where we bought things that begin with the letter B (we went for Brushetta, but bought Bananas and Batteries) and I found a number of things that I might buy for Christmas, if I wasn't shopping with the family.

Thursday, of course, was filled with the smell of turkey cooking and family. My husband snuck in a game of basketball with friends and managed to hurt his ankle and I snuck in a trip to CVS to get a bunch of great deals. Otherwise, we hung out and watched movies and relaxed. I tried out a new dessert - Pumpkin Marble Cheesecake. My husband told me it was one of the best cheesecakes I had made in a while.

Thursday night, serious Christmas shopping got underway. I left home around 7:30 pm and by 12:30 am I was home, having been to 4 store and getting most of what I set out to get. I started the Black Friday shopping the next morning around 7:00 am. All in all, it was a great bit of shopping. I even picked up some stuff for me.

Then Friday afternoon, my daughter and I did a bit of shopping. She had watched the new Tinkerbell movie on Thanksgiving and asked me to make her Tinkerbell shoes. So, we went out and got fabric, white pom-poms and puffy paint. When we came home, we set up the popcorn maker that I had bought on Thursday night. It disappointed, so we packed it back up and returned it. Then, I made her slippers when we got home.

Saturday was a normal day with swimming to start our day and soccer in the afternoon. We wrapped up the day with family pictures at Portrait Innovations and dinner at CiCis.

Sunday afternoon I made some pumpkin cookies - 2 varieties actually. My husband took my daughter shopping and my son had a friend over. It was a great way to wind down the weekend.

Turkey Buffalo Cheesesteak

Chicken Patty Sandwiches

Tilapia Vera Cruz

Breakfast for dinner - pancakes and sausage


Chicken Gravy over biscuits

Lemon Chicken Pasta

Breakfast is cereal or oatmeal each morning. Lunch for the kids is either the school lunch or usually a couple of times a week they pack. Lunch for my husband and me is typically sandwiches, frozen meals or leftovers.

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