Thursday, November 1, 2012

True Colors by Kristin Hannah

After finishing, Not This Time, I moved right into another book. This time, I chose to read True Colors by Kristin Hannah. Hannah is another one of those authors that once I discovered her, when I read Night Road, I just knew that I needed to read more of her books. She writes with such an authenticity and her characters are well developed. Her books are the type that I want to keep on reading because I want to find out what happens next to people in the story. This certainly held true with True Colors.

The story opens with a short prologue, that helps to paint a little bit of the back story of the three Gray sisters and then moves forward 13 years to find them as young adults. Winona, Aurora and Vivi Ann may be sisters, but they are very different people. As we head into the start of the story, we find that Winona, the oldest is living on her own, overweight and a successful lawyer. Aurora, the middle child, is married with children and the family peace keeper. Vivi Ann, the youngest and most beautiful is living at home helping to run the family ranch. A lover of horses, she is also an active rodeo participant. Things always seem to come easy to Vivi Ann.

What follows is a story about the relationship and bond between sisters. The story explores their relationship as they weather love, jealousy, loss, and more. One thing that I enjoy about Hannah's writing is that she explores the full gamut of emotions - the reality of life. It really draws you into the story and makes you feel a bond with the characters. As I shared in their triumphs, their sorrows, their disunity and their coming back together, I couldn't help but want to have sisters like these women, to know that I had constants in my life to be there to celebrate with and cry with. (for the record - my only sisters are sisters-in-law and sorority sisters and a cousin that is almost like a sister and they are all wonderful)

The book may appear overwhelming at over 500 pages, but I would recommend it. With the page turning power of the story that Hannah weaves, those pages quickly melt away and you find suddenly that (hours have passed and) you have completed a captivating story.

No compensation was provided for this post. I bought the book and read it for my own pleasure. I just wanted to share it with you.