Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breyers Inspirations - Cherry Chocolate Chip

A while back, I stumbled upon the Breyers Inspirations yogurt line at my store. At the time, there were two that included Chocolate Chips - a vanilla and a mint. I couldn't wrap my head around a mint yogurt, so I skipped it and went for the vanilla with chocolate chips. It was delicious. There was a good amount of chocolate chips in the cup and it had a great flavor. The yogurt was so smooth and creamy - something you don't always find in a lowfat yogurt. It also wasn't artificially sweetened - I do not like yogurt that is artificially sweetened. I am completely content with a reduced fat yogurt that is sweetened with good old sugar (plus then, I don't mind if the kids have it).

I liked it so much that I started putting it into my yogurt rotation (sometimes you get bored if you eat the same thing week after week, so you have to mix it up). The other ones that I like are the Yoplait YoPlus yogurts (again, a line that is not artificially sweetened - although I believe they recently added a Lite line).

Then, last week, I was at the store and had yogurt on my shopping list (really, it's pretty much a standard list item). When I came to the yogurt section, I noticed something new that I just had to try in the Breyers Inspriations line - Cherry Chocolate Chip. I grabbed it and packed one for lunch the next day.


It was so good, the cherry yogurt combined with the chocolate chips was a complete indulgence. It was an immediate favorite. It was hard to believe that this treat was still only 3 Points (4oz cup). A definite lunch time addition. I couldn't resist, I bought it again this week, so much for rotation.

What is your favorite yogurt flavor? Have you tried this one? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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