Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

Last week, I was so excited because I thought I had broken free of my plateau and this week, I had an extremely munchy week. I just felt like I was always hungry. I snacked healthy, but alas, I only maintained. I guess that is better than the alternative, but still frustrating.

I did learn something exciting though this week. I went to the doctor and when the nurse was checking all of my vitals, I asked her if she could provide what my weight had been on previous visits. She pulled out a paper and wrote them all down for me. The only visit to the doctor since I started going there when I moved to Ohio that I weighed less than I do now was on my first obstetric visit with my son - 7 years ago. I am officially within grasp of having lost all of my pregnancy weight (it only has taken 7 years!). That is pretty incentivizing. I would love to get to my prepregnancy weight (and lower).

I completed week 12 of P90X this week. Now, all I have left is the recovery week. Then, I am going to take a couple of weeks and try some alternate workouts intermixed with some of the strength workouts from P90X. Then, I would like to start round 2. I happened to catch an infomercial the other day and the one guy showed pictures of his progress through round 1, round 2 and round 3. Each time through he improved his physique and lost more weight. I know that my friend from work who introduced me to the program has gone through it a few times and she continued to get more fit as well, so I believe that I would benefit from repeating the 90 day program again. Only the next time, I might try to work in the 6th day and/or the Ab workout - both of which I didn't do this first time (I did Abs about 5 times, but not the 3 times a week that I was supposed to).

At Weight Watchers on Monday when I weighed in, I had lost over 1#. I was very excited about that. I hope that I have a good weekend (tougher with Super Bowl) and can still see a loss next week, despite my plateau.

I still have 17.2# to go to my goal weight.