Friday, February 26, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

This week was one of those weeks that I love to hate. I did okay in spite of myself - which for me can create some challenges. When I have a bad week and still lose, I always think "wow if I had only not had those things, just think what I could have lost" which leaves me sort of bummed that I hadn't had better will power or made wiser decisions. Then, in future weeks, when I'm struggling, I look back and think "well, I had it that one time and I still was able to lose, so it can't hurt too much for me to have it again".

My son has a summer birthday, so this week he celebrated his half birthday at school. He chose cupcake cones for his treat again this year (my husband said never again, but that's a different story). Of course, he has a larger than normal class and I had to make a second cake mix to get enough cones for him to take to his class and teachers. So, after I made enough cones, I poured the remaining batter into a square pan and baked it up. It was delicious and I would know because I had a slice of it three nights this week.

At work, I had my own challenges. Between desserts that were shared on three days and a lunch meeting three days, I didn't always make the wisest decisions. For two of the lunches, I chose salad at least, so they weren't that bad for me - of course, I included bacon and a little cheese on my spinach salads.

I tried really hard this week to do some of the Yoga from the P90X series. Mostly, I learned that I have bad balance and transitions look a lot easier than they are. I did Core one morning as well. Then, today, I slept in. I decided that since I plan to start my second journey through P90X on Monday, that I deserved a day off. I am looking forward to restarting P90X. I am planning to take my measurements on Sunday so that I can measure my success both in inches and weight lost.

My Weight Watchers meeting this week was a good one for me. I have now been on the program for 22 weeks (time flies) and I have lost 22 pounds. I really think that the slow and steady approach works best. Sure, I have had bigger losses, plateaus and even some gains, but overall on average I am losing 1 pound per week. Mostly I am excited that 25# is within grasp - that is a major milestone.

This week, my Friday progress shows a loss of .6#. I now have 13.6# to go to my goal weight. I feel comfortable that being only 8# from my goal weight at the end of March is completely within reach. That's just 5.6# in 4 1/2 weeks.