Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fat Burnin' Friday

I meant to do this post last night before calling it a night, but I was just too tired to think.

It was a great week! I finished P90X this week!* (I feel the need to asterisk this accomplishment because I did get through the 90 day program, but I only did it 5 days a week, not the 6 that they lay out and I only did the Ab Ripper over the holidays, not 3 times a week like they have it set up.) To me that is an accomplishment and I have to say, I feel great. I had tried to complete the full program before and was not able to make it through the full 90 days, in part because I got a nasty cold and then when I recovered, I just couldn't find the motivation to continue the program. The P90X program, if you are not familiar, is a great program that is sold through infomercial. The program was developed by Tony Horton and many famous people are graduates of the program.

Now, I am ready to reward myself with a Wii, so I can get Wii Fit. I didn't meet the weight goal that I had for myself, but I did complete the full P90X program. We are probably going to shop for one this weekend. My plan is to use the Wii Fit in the evening and/or weekends for additional exercise. I will still continue to do my primary exercising on weekday mornings, like I have been for the past 13 weeks. Speaking of morning exercise, I am going to take a short break from P90X, although will use some of the workouts on their own, and will try out some of the other DVDs I have. I haven't yet tried the two Biggest Loser DVDs that I won a while back. I also have some of the Lotte Burke DVDs that I read somewhere described as Pilates on Steroids, that I would like to do again. Then, in a few weeks, I will restart the P90X program. From the infomercials that I have watched (and based on my friend at work who has done it multiple times), each succession through brings a more toned body.

At Weight Watchers weigh in this week, I posted a gain, which disappointed me. Mostly it frustrated me, I showed a loss at home. For some reason, the scales at the meeting weighed 1 1/2# heavier than mine at home. That doesn't make any sense to me. Normally it is only off by .2 or .4# at most. I need to get back to more routine tracking. With some changes in schedule that I hadn't planned relative to lunch, I had three meals at work this week - two out and one catered. That never helps when it comes to tracking.

I did lose this week though. I was down 1.2# (it would have been a little more if I had used today's weight). So, now I have 16# to my goal. We have a tripped planned at the end of March. I think I would like to be 1/2 way closer to my goal or be down to where I have 8# to go. That trip is only 6 weeks away, so it is a bit of a stretch goal, but I think a stretch is a good thing.


Nathan said...

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